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The Fold-N-Pack® Smart Hanger

Your ultimate time-saving travel accessory

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Perfect for both business and leisure travel

This innovative travel accessory is designed to simplify the packing and unpacking process of your garments, while reducing wrinkles.

Gone are the days of frantically searching for your clothes and worrying about wrinkles caused by improper folding or packing. With the FoldnPack Smart Hanger, you can easily organize and pack your clothes in a matter of seconds.

Say goodbye to the stress and hassle of travel packing with the FoldnPack Smart Hanger. Try it out today and experience the convenience of effortless packing and unpacking.

Compact Design

Clothes easily pack into carry on luggage with less wrinkles.

Save Time

Fold clothes directly on the smart hanger for easy packing and unpacking

Luxury Appearance

Level up your wardrobe with an upscale feel

Secure Hold

Carefully designed to keep clothes on the hanger during travel

Save time for more important things

Step 1

Hang your dress, shirt, pants or jacket directly onto hanger.

Step 2

Fold the hanger edges back.

Step 3

Fold garment in half and hanger hook down.

Step 4

Place your folded garment into carry-on or suitcase.

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